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There's a whole world waiting to hear the Good News.

Millions today live in places where Jesus is not known or is publicly suppressed. There are whole families, communities, and cities who have never experienced the Gospel. Our global mission is to reach out to those dark places in the world with Christ's transformational love.

Meet Our Team

Leon (Coach) Caldwell

Missions Elder

Matt Hutchinson

Missions Team

Keith St. Clair

Missions Deacon

Mandy Hutchinson

Missions Team

Danielle Irvin

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Carole St. Clair

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Samantha Holdren

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David Waller

Missions Team

Meet Our Missionaries

Pastor Ovides Suprema
Candlestick Orphanage
Maissade, Haiti

We have partnered with Candlestick Orphanage and Pastor Ovides to ensure the orphaned children in need around Maissade have food, clothing, a safe place to sleep, and the soul-saving Word of God. To date, we have helped the mission by directly funding a new orphanage building, sent food to the children when the Haitian government became chaos, and have helped fund a much needed well. 

Randy & Gwen Ashcraft
Peace Workers' Journey
Thailand, SouthEast Asia

Randy and Gwen Ashcraft have been in the mission field since their marriage in 1997. Randy is a 3rd generation missionary with years of experience, and Gwen's dream of being a Pastor's wife was fueled by the inspirational influence she received as a young girl. Their mission journey that started in Mexico has since brought them halfway around the world, developing new Christian outreaches and ministering to persecuted Christians.

Rick & Janet Via
World Reach Partnerships
Haiti, Uganda, Myanmar, USA

With a vision to partner with churches throughout the world, Rick and Janet Via seek to work with local indigenous communities to advance the Kingdom of God. To-date, they have preached in nearly 50 countries, and have experienced the privilege of planting new churches, training pastors, and seeing thousands of souls being saved.

Gabriel Ocampo
Independent Baptist Mission to Asians
Philippines & SouthEast Asia

The Ocampo family has been in the mission field for years, ministering to the communities of SE Asia, specifically within the prisons. He leads a church currently under construction, delayed by the difficulties of the pandemic. 

Cary & Reny Clifton
International Pastoral Training

With a desire to help oppressed and marginalized people, Reny found a refreshed purpose with new opportunities when she met and married Cary. Together, with the help of their team, they are determined to equip pastors serving in challenging circumstances through strategized, unique training. Cary is passionate about addressing the needs of the minimally educated pastors of the world.

Marvin & Landrie Heath
Trans World Radio
International Broadcasting

Trans World Radio seeks to spread the Gospel through media, currently 190 countries and translating into over 300 languages. As part of the TWR staff since 1982, Marvin & Landrie Heath have been used by God in many different ways serving in many different positions. Lanrie currently serves as receptionist, and Marvin now serves as an audio technical consultant, studio manager, and producer of both radio programming and music.

Luis & Dinora Martinez
Impacto Ministry

The Impacto Ministry mission is to "get the word out into the [Guatemalan] community that 'something good is going on' and 'somebody is here who cares.'" By serving local communities through providing physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs, Impacto's team vision is to bring the salvation, hope, healing, and peace of Christ to as many people as possible.

Costel & Lili Burlacu
Alpha & Omega Baptist Church
Craiova, Romania

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Our Missions Ministry Outreach is greatly supported by our generous church family. We develop deep relationships with our missionary partners, and take great care in being intentional stewards of the provisions God has provided our ministry. Your donation will reach the needs of our global community, establishing works in Jesus' name and spreading the soul-saving Gospel in dark parts of the world. Thank you for your support!

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