We offer multiple life groups for adults that meet at 10am Sunday mornings offering in-depth Bible studies, marriage ministry, a singles ministry, and other classes covering various topics. We encourage everybody to attend and take part in a Sunday School class, get your children involved, and take advantage of this opportunity to learn God’s Word. 

Sunday School Life Groups 10am | Wednesday Worship 6:30pm | Events as scheduled
We offer nursery and children’s programs during every worship service. 

10am Sunday Mornings | Jay & Roxanne Richards

A lifegroup for married couples, this class teaches biblical principles to help you and your spouse grow closer to the Lord and to each other. This group is for EVERY season of marriage, with its goal being to keep marriages ALIVE!


10am Sunday Mornings | John Richards

We all know the story of David and Goliath, but how can we apply this story to defeat our everyday giants?


10am Sunday Mornings | Gary Brown

Wednesday Services

6:30pm Wednesday Evenings | Pastor Jay Richards

Join us for worship and study as we are led through the books of the Bible.